A Horizon is taking Shape

Dear Audience Members and Friends of Agora de la danse,

Recent public health guidelines now authorize public gatherings of 50 people in public spaces as of June 22, thus opening up a horizon we have fervently desired.  After months of silence and waiting, we can now dream of getting together this autumn. The world of creating and presenting new dance works will slowly, carefully and delicately come back to life.

In spite of the shutdown, our teams have been working hard to allow artists to regain access to our venues so that they can do what they do best: create dance.

We will be on hand to welcome you back to Agora de la danse. It goes without saying that we have put in place sanitary measures to ensure the safety of everyone so that the dance experience can continue to be a privilege and an inspiration. It is a relief to learn that our artists once again have a platform for expression, and that you will soon be inspired and nourished by their work.

As the fall approaches, keep an eye out for a smooth change of scene, and enjoy a safe and inviting dance season with us.

We miss you!

Please take care and stay safe!
All of us at Agora de la danse

Agora de la danse

Let your spirit soar Let yourself goEnjoy the dance experience. Agora de la danse invites the public to experience diverse and stimulating contemporary dance in the very heart of Montreal. This unique venue for presentation and creative support presents a season of recent new dance works, provides residencies to artists, creates bridges between artists and citizens, co-produces new dance pieces and offers all sorts of public activities centred on the art of choreography.