Agora de la danse’s Creation Fund

The matter of financing is often crucial to artists. Agora’s answer was to establish solid ties with the business world and to steadily set up a creation fund with the help of patrons, individual supporters and enterprises. Florence Junca-Adenot, chairman of Agora’s board of directors and recipient of the prix Arts-Affaires in 2007, was the great instigator of this project more than 20 years ago. Contributing to Agora de la danse’s Creation Fund results in the encouragement of talent, originality and the vitality of artists in the dance community, thus improving their quality of life.

Fundraising Gala

Held every spring, our benefit event is a festive, fiery evening presented by Agora de la danse and Tangente for the benefit of contemporary dance artists as well as Dance Against Violence, a program that offers women who are survivors of abuse a chance to regain their self-esteem through dance. Don’t miss this exceptional event, 100% focused on fun and contemporary dance!

April 17, 2019- 6 p.m.
Cocktail dinner party
Hot surprises!
Give meaning to movement!

Édifice WILDER – Espace danse

In 2018, we raised $ 71,000 thanks to your generosity. Thank you all for your support!

You cannot attend the event but would like to support us? You can also make a donation.

Fundraising Gala for contemporary dance

Laurence Wegscheider, Director of Philanthropy – Agora | Tangente / 514-525-7575 ext. 220

Donnez Dansez

Support us in the new Wilder Building. With your generous help, multiples activities will be supported: the artistic projects of local artists, the presentation of the most innovative and resonant work, artistic education for the younger generation, and of course your own experience at the Wilder.

Choices are available at various levels of donation:

  • $10, $25, $100, or any amount you choose.
    I GIVE
  • $95 to $5000 You can sponsor furnishings, equipment or key spaces with your name inscribed for the next 5 years.
    I GIVE
  • $1250 or $5000 Make your mark on history and have your name among those that will be inscribed on the Wilder Building wall.
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Laurence Wegscheider, Director of Philanthopy and rentals – Agora | Tangente / 514-525-7575 ext. 220