Because you can make a difference!

Agora de la danse is a non-profit organization, which is why we are asking for your help in our ongoing efforts to actively support the careers of professional choreographers. We offer them financing and access to our studios so that they can rehearse with dancers and further develop their artistry. Your generous contribution helps create exciting new dance works.

Donnez Dansez 2021


Donnez-dansez 2021 Agora de la danse + Tangente Fundraising

The Donnez Dansez campaign is a fundraiser by the Agora de la danse and Tangente, which are joining forces to better support both new and established artists and assist them in their work and future development. All donations go directly toward supporting artists and their creations.


Why donate to Donnez Dansez?

Because you want to:

  • encourage the creation of the choreographic works of tomorrow
  • show your love of creation and contribute to the vitality of contemporary dance in Quebec
  • provide artists and their collaborators with optimal conditions for creation by giving them time in the performance space and access to specialized resources and equipment
  • promote contemporary dance in Montréal
  • introduce youth to this essential art through workshops for non-dancers in primary and secondary schools


There is no such thing as a small donation!

To join the Donnez Dansez adventure, click here.

Because you can make a difference! 


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Agora de la danse’s Creation Fund

The matter of financing is often crucial to artists. Agora’s answer was to establish solid ties with the business world and to steadily set up a creation fund with the help of patrons, individual supporters and enterprises. Florence Junca-Adenot, chairman of Agora’s board of directors and recipient of the prix Arts-Affaires in 2007, was the great instigator of this project more than 20 years ago. Contributing to Agora de la danse’s Creation Fund results in the encouragement of talent, originality and the vitality of artists in the dance community, thus improving their quality of life.

Be an agent of change; contribute to the vitality of Québec contemporary dance!