Agora is much more than dance performances. It is also creative workshops of all sorts, participative projects with schools, get-togethers, discussions and audience development activities. For close to 30 years we have been presenting numerous initiatives aimed at promoting contemporary dance and dance artists, bringing dance into the lives of young people, adults and families.

Families & Young Audiences

Since its inception, Agora has established close ties with young audiences by performing in schools and inviting students to attend shows along with their classmates or families. Not even a pandemic can vanquish that fertile relationship!

For more information about our youth activities and school matinees, please contact

Frédérique Doyon :
514 525-7575 poste 242

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School Matinee

Katya Montaignac

May 13, 2022 > 1 p.m.

For elementary (3rd cycle) and high school students
$12 + taxes per student

The world of street and club dance engages in dialogue with an iconic, uncompromising musical score that marked the 20th century: The Rite of Spring. Conceived by an artistic cooperative, the project revisits this famous piece of music, imbuing it with the fluidity of hip-hop cyphers.

Sacrer is propelled by the subjective, intimate and cultural backgrounds of each of the dancers invited to collaborate on a piece that focuses on notions of community and ritual. What do we do together? What do we view as “sacred”?


+Preparatory workshops available

165 $ + tx / classe
Reservations required for preparatory workshops.

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Sacrer © Do Phan HoiSacrer © Do Phan Hoi

Dance Discovery Workshops

Adapted to specific age levels, the Agora workshops include a warm-up session, improvisation or exploration games and the learning or creation of a mini-choreography. Available at any time upon request.

Artists Emmalie Ruest, Sonik Boom

$165 + tx.

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Initiation to Movement, or Introduction to Contemporary Dance

Artist-facilitator: Emmalie Ruest

Preschoolers and Grades 1 to 3

Discover the infinite possibilities of movement and the pleasure of dancing!

Making a Dance Video (in the school gymnasium)

Artist-facilitator: Emmalie Ruest

Grades 4 to 8

Students learn a short choreography based on the group ensemble, which is then filmed on a cell phone. Then they’re ready for their closeup!

In the style of…

Artist-facilitator: Emmalie Ruest

Grades 4 to 8 preferably, and with previous workshop experience

Students discover the keys to creativity and dance performance (physical awareness of the space, listening to others). They learn a dance excerpt from the company repertoire in the comfort of their living rooms, or they build a dance from scratch to be presented as a school show. Plunge into dance!

Introduction to Breakdance

Artist-facilitator: Sonik Boom

All ages

Students have fun learning the basic elements of breakdance and the primary tools for creating dance choreography: Top Rock, Go Down, Foot Work, Freeze, Power Move and Bounce.

Atelier École La Mennais Emmalie Ruest © Svetla Atanasova
Atelier École La Mennais Emmalie Ruest © Svetla Atanasova

In 2020,21 the elementary school La Mennais is hosted three workshops led by the choreographer Emmalie Ruest to stimulate the creativity and imaginations of preschool-aged children. By means of dancing games, movement becomes a profound manifestation of each child’s individuality.

Atelier École Lanaudière Sonik Boom © Daniel Julien Inacio-Kirchlinde
Atelier École Lanaudière Sonik Boom © Daniel Julien Inacio-Kirchlinde

Early 2021, some 175 Grade 1 to 4 students at the Lanaudière primary school will plunge into breakdance and hip hop culture with the dancer and teacher Sonik Boom, thanks to support from Agora. For 10 weeks they will learn the ins and outs of this urban dance style as part of their curriculum, and for a final performance will create their own dances in a virtual street dance competition.

Unique rendezvous with artists

Dance-related activities all year long. Agora de la danse offers many activities to a public curious about new ways of interacting with contemporary dance. Come into the studio and chat with the artists, attend a public rehearsal or take part in a movement workshop.


Keep an eye out for our Midi-coulisses lunchtime events on Facebook Live. Enjoy an exclusive 30-minute get-together with a choreographer featured this season as he or she puts the finishing touches to a new work, the action filmed live at the performance venue!

Take a virtual plunge into the Agora performance space and discover, via Facebook Live, the finishing touches to a new dance piece, a close-up look at the work that features one or more live excerpts as well as an interview with the artist. The public can also ask questions during the course of the conversation.

Midi-coulisses events are an opportunity to discover specific aspects of different approaches to dance creation. What is the choreographer working on one week before the première? How does she or he portray the body, that vital component of movement as art? How does he or she work with the dancers and other collaborators? These and other questions are part and parcel of the event.

12:15 to 12:45 Free event on our Facebook Live 

March 23, 2022 Amélie Rajotte | La disparition des choses

May 4, 2022 Katya Montaignac & co-creators | Sacrer

Meet the Artists

Post-show encounters. A series of interdisciplinary discussions full of opinions and unruly voices. Meet the artists on Thursday evenings after the performance.

January 27 Face-à-face by Jérémie Niel

February 17 Nightlight de George Stamos

March 3 Se dissoudre by Catherine Gaudet

March 31 La disparition des choses by Amélie Rajotte

April 7 Choeur et chorégraphes by André Pappathomas

May 12 Sacrer by Katya Montaignac