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6.58: Manifesto

Andrea Peña & Artists


6.58: Manifesto

The choreographer Andrea Peña brings into focus, with impressive physicality, the talents of nine dancers and an opera singer as she deftly calls into question the codes that govern our behaviour.

With this critical and artistic manifesto presented as a choreographic triptych, Andrea Peña & Artists hone in on our responses to the systems and external forces that all humans cope with on a daily basis. Here the dancers interact with a computer, a soprano and a DJ as they explore the concepts of artifice and artificiality that are so much a part of our world and that dictate how we live our lives. In our realities, artificiality is embedded in our bodies and minds; artifice taints our interactions, our collective and individual experiences. It is a pleasure to encounter the raw, rigorous and visceral creative energy of the choreographer and her associates in this large-scale, vibrant and magnetic work.


as humans we are contained within the constructs of artificiality. yet we never cease to exist in our commitment and surrendering towards ourselves and each other.  

as humans we have the ability to subvert artifice to find collective and singular levels of consciousness. must we subvert in order to find ourselves and each other?

as humans we are the creators and consumers of artificiality. yet it is through the depth of our physical, emotional and mental vulnerability that we strive to find ourselves and each other.

Andrea Peña & Artists

Live show

September 15, 16, 17, 2021 – 7 p.m.

18 September, 2021 – 4 p.m.


September 24 to 2 octobre 2021

60 minutes

29$-35$ | 15$

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