Variations S


Variations S

Cas Public’s experience with the young public is renowned internationally. They present their new show for the 10 year old and up: Variations S. Hélène Blackburn and the company’s 8 dancers propose a re-interpretation of this mythical work, in a rendition that is as lively and fiery as the public its intended for. More than 100 years after its creation, this work still fascinates us. The energy and strength of the musical score of Variations S has kept a contemporary flavor propitious to creating an intense and impetuous piece that will reach heart and soul of audiences of all ages. A strong work, Hélène Blackburn’s style, the dancers virtuosity, all the elements are reunited for a colorful, incomparable and successful performance.

Cas Public

November 17 / 8 PM


Coproduced by Agora de la danse, Théâtre du Bic and Tanzhaus Düsseldorf
Variations S is a co-presentation of Agora de la danse and the Festival Les Coups de Théâtre

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