Anne Ashton’s paintings explore interconnections between forms and natural phenomena. The concept of interconnection is also inspired by her manner of working in series and polyptychs. The visual and conceptual interaction between component elements imitates natural systems composed of diverse elements that are all inherent to global functioning. The three series of paintings presented at Agora de la danse evoke natural cycles of time and space. A cyclic effect is suggested by a choice of images that include skies, planets, shells, skeletal structures, feathers and other natural, transitory elements. The subjects of the paintings convey a repetition of rounded, ovoid or sinuous forms represented in changing and variable scales. Like vagabonds, they shift and move in undulating lines and appear to float in the two fluids – sea and sky – that encircle terrestrial life.


October 16 to November 8


Special thanks to Mona Hakim for her invaluable contribution.

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