The You Show


The You Show

Vancouverite Crystal Pite doesn’t need introductions anymore: she is a choreographer loved by Montrealers and her visits are always eagerly awaited. Presented during the last FTA edition, The You Show unites uncommonly virtuosic performers to compose four duos in four electrifying tableaux. In a perfect balance between dramatic structure, narration and powerful images, the choreographer uses words and movement to relate scraps of revived memories, stories of love and separation. Moving from tragic intensity to surreal humour in the flick of an eye, Crystal Pite echoes in the hearts of the audience these experiences we can all relate to. She transcends reality and magnifies the human being, transforming an ordinary breakup into an epic adventure. Rarely has stage presence, precise performances and high-level technique led to such a show. Great art!

This is a picture of you, falling. Knees, hip, hands, elbows, head. This is how you collapse. This is the sound of your heart hitting the floor.


March 21-22-23 at 8 PM and March 24 at 4 PM


Co-produced by Agora de la danse

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