The Bog Forest


The Bog Forest

The Bog Forest is the first part of a trilogy entitled DisPLACING Future, in which Austrian-born artist Helge Letonja attempts to examine in choreographic terms the question of migration. A forest lies at the crossroads of six individual destinies, of six stories of exodus. In this timeless place, functioning as a symbol of the conflict between a past they are fleeing and an uncertain future, these refugees struggle to regain a measure of stability. Deprived of material goods, they are reduced to bodies in motion. With great presence and vigorous dancing, they embody the courage, the determination and the moments of despair within them. The forest itself then comes alive, letting its voice be heard through an enthralling lament performed by vocal artist Christian Wolz. This resolutely topical piece is a brilliant initiatory journey in which the protagonists gradually become contemporary adventurers seeking a haven for their hopes and dreams.

Helge Letonja has worked both as a classical and contemporary dancer before founding his own company: Steptext Dance Project. He has created twenty choreographies, some having been presented in Europe, the United States, Canada, Israel and Latin America. His work has been awarded a number of international prizes.

Steptext Dance Project

October 19-20-21 at 8 PM


An Agora de la danse and Goethe-Institut Montreal co-presentation
Goethe Institut / Montréal

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