Poney Rides | Grand Poney | © Xavier Curnillon

Poney Rides

Grand Poney


Poney Rides

[Cancelled] An evening of festive performances, a fast-paced march-past cabaret!

Poney Rides | Grand Poney

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the dance company Grand Poney will be opening the doors to its creative stable with Pony Rides, an evening of performances and festive, interactive experimentation by means of an unlikely time travel machine, all to be enjoyed from the comfort of your seat. A mélange of dance, music, speech and improvisation, the choreographer Jacques Poulin-Denis and his guest artists from various disciplines will climb aboard an amazing “travelator” to present a fast-paced march-past cabaret, in keeping with the wild and crazy world of Grand Poney.

+ conference Dompter la machine
April 22, 4.30 p.m

Grand Poney

April 25 2020 – 7 p.m.


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