Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous des danseurs


Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous des danseurs

After two years as a resident dancer at Agora de la danse, Sophie Corriveau joined forces with Katya Montaignac to create an original artistic proposal, an occasion for other dancers to express themselves in voice and movement. They will be sharing with you a number of testimonials that reveal the lives and thoughts of dancers as they shed light on the fundamentals of the profession, as well as the myths associated with dancers.

This discussion is addressed to a multi-generational community of dancers. It will present a wide range of novel experiences in a forum where performers can be together in a space as equal participants. This “atypical roundtable” discussion is presented in conjunction with Danse-Cité as part of “Traces-Interprètes”.

May 6, 7, 8 - 6 p.m.


Production Danse-Cité

In collaboration with Sophie Corriveau and Katya Montaignac

Copresentation Agora de la danse


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