n° 428 – le laboratoire


n° 428 – le laboratoire

n° 428 – le laboratoire, local k-2210, Agora de la danse, 840, rue Cherrier, Montréal

Guy Pellerin’s paintings are regularly exhibited in Canada, Europe and the U.S., his work having certain similarities to that of an archivist who observes, interprets and classifies the past. His focus in recent years has been to reconstruct the colour and topography of a place, resulting in a series of monochrome paintings that arrange in abstract fashion all the nuances and different tonalities of architectural heritage, summing up the experience of being there, in a specific space at a specific moment. His pieces in the collections of contemporary art museums in Montreal and fine arts museums in Montreal, Quebec City, Joliette and Rimouski, and also with the Canada Council for the Arts, testify to the compelling talent of this Montreal artist.


September 12 to October 13


Agora’s Laboratoire is open on dance performance nights

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