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Lina Cruz



Lina Cruz shines the spotlight on five dancers and a musician to illuminate the secret workings of our psyches.

How is imagination born? Who is the cook making magic in our dream kitchen? Who provokes our hallucinations, our psychoses, or causes us to fall in love? The answer, according to Lina Cruz, is the Morphs! An unparalleled storyteller of movement who creates madcap, surprising worlds, she pulls back the curtain to reveal creatures living in a parallel world who are the sources of our imagination and also our personal and collective folly. Her mischievous tale unfolds as a joyous, energizing ceremony. The situations she invents are light, absurd and droll, a triumph of liberty, the supernatural and the fantastic.

Lina Cruz

Productions Fila 13

27, 28, 29 octobre 2021 – 19 h

30 octobre 2021 – 16 h

60 minutes


Lunchtime Art with Morphs October 20, 2021 —  — 12:15 > 12:45

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