MNM Festival/2011 – Music in Motions


MNM Festival/2011 – Music in Motions

Other then the show Songs, Agora de la danse presents four other events with the Montréal New Music FestivalMusic in Motions.
The theme for the fifth edition of Montréal/New Music Festival is “Music in Motions” to highlight the extreme dynamism of local musics as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Semaine internationale de musique actuelle — the founding event for Quebec’s new music scene organized by Pierre Mercure — and open a window on dance and pictures.

En trois mouvements
Quasar – saxophone quartet
February 19 at 7 PM + February 20 at 3 PM
The virtuoso musicians from the Quasar saxophone quartet present an all-premieres concert about motion. The program consists of three works by three Canadian composers, all using the night theme in different ways. Here, “flying saxophones” circle in the air and there, the musicians’ motions on stage trigger an electronic audio-treatment device….[+]

Mon corps jamais ne s’arrêtera de danser
Totem Contemporain
February 19 at 8 PM + February 20 at 4 PM
This work for music and dance is a captivating journey into the world of alienation. It features fascinating sonic and choreographic gestures of great expressiveness despite their starkness. Montreal-based composer/instrument-builder Jean-François Laporte and French choreographer/dancer Barbara Sarreau are creating musical dance…and choreographed music — quite a challenge….[+]

Le mensonge et l’identité
Productions SuperMusique and Quatuor Bozzini
February 21 at 9 PM
The string quartet like you never heard it before! Written with four hands for Quatuor Bozzini by the duo Derome/Hétu and premiered in 2008 at Deutschlandfunk’s Forum Neue Musik 08, Le mensonge et l’identité calls for the musicians to move across the stage, play backed by a soundtrack, and talk (in four languages)… among other things.…[+]

Urnos Espaces sonores illimités and La Nef
February 22, 23 and 24 at 9 PM
Let this multidisciplinary work carry you into a fascinating mythological world. This work uses music, dance, and video to recreate a ritual from the mysterious Urnossian civilization….[+]

1-En trois mouvements :
Programme :
Jean-François Laporte, flying saxophone quartet
Mark Molnar, saxophone quartet in movement
Zack Settel, saxophone quartet

2-Mon corps jamais ne s’arrêtera de danser :
Jean-François Laporte / Music
Barbara Sarreau / Dance
Jean Tartaroli  / Lights

3-Le mensonge et l’identité :
Jean Derome et Joane Hétu / composers
Quatuor Bozzini (Clemens Merkel, violin; Charles-Étienne Marchand, violin; Isabelle Bozzini, cello; Stéphanie Bozzini, viola / musicians

Concept / André Hamel, Guy Laramée, Martine Beaulne, Claire Gignac
Michel Rochon / lecturer, science columnist
Geneviève Martin / choreography, dance
Frédérike Bédard / soprano
Claire Gignac /conductor, contralto, reconstituted instruments
Élise Guay / bagpipes, reconstituted instruments
Pierre Langevin / bagpipes, reconstituted instruments
Patrick Graham /percussion
Liette Remon / bagpipes, reconstituted instruments

February 19-26



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