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Les trous dans les yeux

k.g. Guttman


Les trous dans les yeux

[RESIDENCY & CREATION] The multidisciplinary artist k.g. Guttman transports five performers into the heart of a dance installation that is a vibrant dialogue involving bodies, objects, images and stories.

Drawing from her own background and also those of Rob Abubo, Ivanie Aubin-Malo, Paul Chambers, Angie Cheng and Marie-Claire Forté, the choreographer becomes a biographer and, with ingenious staging, creates a series of experimental portraits. Each performer has shared a private memory, presenting one photograph that evokes his or her childhood and another of a dance performance, along with anecdotes linked to both photos.  By means of images fixed on moving bodies and supported by digital projections, she creates a conversation between the emotional charge of what we were and what we are: dancing between the forces of the past and those of the current moment.

By adapting to the constraints of the pandemic, the experience is transformed. This hybrid piece unfolds as a series of video vignettes, a sort of diary that conveys all the richness of the process. [Témoignages de trous] The choreographer, who for the past decade has presented in situ works in unconventional spaces, presents here a commingling of the real and the virtual, combing documentary elements with the evocative force of dance and its capacity to produce fleeting images that, despite everything, have a lasting presence.

k.g. Guttman

Residency & Creation

Espace Bleu

Midi-Coulisses January 27, 2021  — 12:15 p.m. – 12:45 p.m.

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