Co-presented with Tangente. An artistic “blind date” is what choreographer Hélène Langevin dreamed about, inviting the world of visual arts into the realm of dance for her new all-ages show L’atelier. The set is an artist’s studio. A sacred place of creation and invention where surprises are in abundance, where ideas stream forth and travel. The four performers have fun with everything they put their hands on: fabric, picture frames, canvases, various accessories. Dance pieces are then created before our eyes. Some of these are filmed, electronically processed, and broadcast live, offering another perspective on what we are seeing on stage. A genuine tribute to the creative spirit present in every one of us, L’atelier encourages the exploration of colour, line and movement in order to transport its young audience into an enchanting universe, stimulating their senses, their capacity for interpretation and their curiosity.

Bouge de là

February 12 3 PM


A Bouge de là production, an Agora de la danse and Tangente co-presentation

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