Jamais! (rien ne nous séparera plus)


Jamais! (rien ne nous séparera plus)

Moved by a commun desire to shed a new light on two major disciplines – literature and dance – the Agora de la danse and the Festival international de littérature (FIL) continue their 16-year long fruitful collaboration. It is within this continued multidisciplinary adventure that Jamais!(rien ne nous séparera plus) takes place. A literary choreography based on an idea by Aline Apostolkska. At the root of this project is a text, a story. The story of a mother – at the twilight of her life – and her daughter. Together, they face their inner demons, confront their memories, their regrets, their silences. To the linearity of the narrative, Jeanne Renaud opposes the imaginativeness of movement. Literature and dance complete each other, reply to one another with breath, rhythm and movement. Aline Apostolska takes up the challenge on stage, with young Savannah Lou Mavrikakis-Cochran, of portraying the characters, of expressing the text with dance.

September 21 / 8 PM


An Agora de la danse, Festival international de la littérature(FIL) and Aline Apostolska co-production.

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