It's about time: 60 dances in 60 minutes


It's about time: 60 dances in 60 minutes

An invitation to a truly playful experience. Dancemakers, Toronto’s trouble makers, come to Montreal with their latest creation, It’s about time : 60 dances in 60 minutes “How long is a minute? Close your eyes. When you think one minute has passed, raise your hand.” Try this exercice with a group and you will see that no two people raise their hand at the same time. Oscillating between the absolute precision of a stopwatch and individual perception, between acting and performance, Michael Trent and his 5 dancers focus, with humor, on the paradoxes of time. During the piece, several unbridled sequences follow each other, similar, but never the same. Simple and crazy actions are repeated. Movement and time change, creating time-lags, absurd moments, and finally, laughter before the seriousness and efforts of the dancers. This invigorating performance is a genuine feat, a dive into audacity!

Michael Trent wtih the precious collaboration of the dancers

Robert Abubo, Lori Duncan, Kate Hilliard, Kate Holden et Steeve Paquet

Jacob Zimmer

Josh Thorpe

Lighting Design
Kimberly Purtell

Monika Sosinski 


nNovember 11-12 / 8 PM + November 13 / 4 PM



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