Introduction à l’introduction


Introduction à l’introduction

Did you know that philosophy can be danced? That it can become movement incarnate? The Catalan Sofia Asencio, who won over audiences with her piece Volumen II, presented at Agora de la danse in 2008 as part of Destination Danse-Catalogne, shows that this is indeed so in her new work Introduction à l’introduction. Naked. Alone. Facing the stage, facing the silence, she offers her singular presence. With Aristotle’s metaphysics as her point of departure, she transposes into dance the changes and movements to which all natural beings are subject. “The child is a child in actuality, yet the man is latent in the child. The step from potential to action is in fact movement.” Shifting remarkably from the conceptual world to the reality of the body, this brilliant solo performance uses the choreographic vocabulary of the 21st century to portray some 2300 years of the history of philosophy.


Societat Doctor Alonso

November 7, 8 and 9 at 8 p.m.


In association with Agora de la danse, the BUNKER (Liubliana) and Teatro Pradillo (Madrid).

With support from the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Spanish Ministry of Culture, INAEM and the Ramon Llull Institute.

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