A second choreographer chosen for the 25 years of Montréal Danse, George Stamos has the ingenious ability to amaze which perfectly resonnates with the approach and the history of the company through the years. A result of the meeting between choreographer George Stamos and Montréal Danse, Husk is a performance project, a sound/movement quartet and a profound reflection on the body that clothes us. From what we wear to what we do and the attitudes we have, we constantly switch from being authentically ourselves to being perfectly artificial, admirably adaptable chameleons. Celebrating the abilities of the body, George Stamos uses the infinite possibilities available to the individual in order for him to personify himself. On stage, musician/composer Jackie Gallant ignites the space with gentle rumbles, electric guitar and fiery beats as the three dancers (Rachel Harris, Elinor Fueter, Frédéric Marier) bring their thoughts and impulses into view by animating their flesh, both synthetic and organic. Unwinding the inside-body to the out, Husk evokes an instinctual rather than rational intelligence. With humour, decadence and sophistication, Husk offers the spectator a place to imagine, fantasize and think.

“You are a costume. You are wearing you. Thankfully your genes were only suggestions. You are an imperfect impersonation of an object and you are wonderfully artificial.” George Stamos


February 8-9-10 at 8 PM


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