FTA 2016


FTA 2016

PLUTON  – ACTE 2 MAY 28 – 30 / 7 P.M.
Mélanie Demers, Catherine Gaudet, Frédérick Gravel, Katie Ward

La 2e Porte à Gauche upends prejudice toward the elderly by pairing seasoned thirty or forty-something performers with living legends of Quebec dance. An extraordinary challenge.

FIN DE SÉRIE  JUNE 4- 6 2016 / 7 P.M.
Manon Oligny

Mass-produced girls struggle against their standardization and planned obsolescence. They resist – bodies rear up and cookie-cutter girls turn into wild women. A collaboration with Quebec writer Martine Delvaux (Les filles en série. Des Barbies aux Pussy Riot, 2013).                 

May 26 to June 8 2016


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