Discovery Bal


Discovery Bal

As a lovely introduction to the beginning of the season, come celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Discovery Bal, a landmark in terms of improvised performances combining dance and music. Onstage four dancers and two musicians ride a wave of creativity and virtuosity in a vibrant celebration of the spontaneous. With all the senses stimulated, spectators are attentive to one another and keenly attuned to the musicality of bodies and instruments, each artist conveys a love for the unexpected. Exceptional performers and improvisers, they are deeply committed to an artistic form that emphasizes instinct, intuition and perception. Such instantaneous creation is a very demanding performance discipline that requires tremendous concentration, sustained presence of mind and body and complete abandon. Each member of the group has his or her own distinct personality, style and unique way of communicating. By creating a performance together, they all assume responsibility for composition and rise to the challenge of encountering the unknown. That total involvement lies at the very heart of the work.

AH HA Productions

January 11[SOLD OUT] / 8 p.m. and January 12 / 4.p.m.


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