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Deux squelettes

Priscilla Guy + Sébastien Provencher


Deux squelettes

Two skeletons in a gym. Two skeletons watching TV. Two skeletons at the beach…

Discover two artists, stripped of their mortal coil, delving deep as they get to the bottom of things. Throughout a series of tragicomic tableaux, they try to find meaning in their lives. A veritable contemporary existential quest that is absolutely hilarious!

Between afternoon tea and a session at the gym, the two skeletons search for their core identity, adopt healthy living habits, embrace ways of thinking, borrow ideas. Their journey unfolds, however, in a muteness that is increasingly unnerving…

Priscilla Guy and Sébastien Provencher share the stage with the actor Renaud Paradis and the musicians Benoit Paradis, Hugo Bégin, Renaud Gratton and Philip Hornsey, reflecting their decidedly interdisciplinary style. Employing dance, theatre and music, this whacky, superlative show takes an incisive look at popular culture, the excesses of the Web and the superficial nature of human relations. Their radical yet humorous approach takes on the star system and the vacuous void that results from the overabundance of information we are exposed to nowadays.

Midi-coulisses:  Thursday, January 24, 12 Noon.
Meet the artist: January 31, after the performance.

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Priscilla Guy + Sébastien Provencher

Mandoline Hybride

January 30-31 + February 1, 2019 – 7 p.m.

February 2, 2019 – 4 p.m.

All shows are presented in French with English surtitles.

60 minutes

22$, 28$ | 29$, 35$

Creative Residencies Agora de la danse, La Chapelle – Scènes Contemporaines, Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal, Théâtre Hector-Charland / Centre d’arts Diane Dufresne

Production de Mandoline Hybride

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