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Cutting Through the Noise

Alexandre Morin


Cutting Through the Noise

In this new creation by Alexandre Morin, eleven performers try to find their way in a world where more than ever screens reign supreme.

Cutting Through the Noise is an energetic journey, an exaltation through the body and the music, a stream of liberating states, a search for identity carried by generous and insatiable beings. A playlist inspired by EBM (electronic body music), evoking the energy of a nightclub, drives the movement. Through the power of the collective, Cutting Through the Noise offers an alternative to the dizzying ambient noise and the loneliness to better find ourselves together, alive and united.

Alexandre Morin

Other Animals

April 4-5 2024 – 7 PM

April 6 2024 – 4 PM

60 minutes

29$ | 35$


Midi-coulisses, March 27 12 h 15 to 12 h 45

New formula! KOROS: Enhance your experience of live performance through virtual reality! Available at the Café-Bar, before or after the April 4 and 5 performances. More information.

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