I approach painting as an experience that helps me understand how a painting is viewed, how the eye scans the canvas. Driven by a desire to tinker with visual reflexes, I try to create pictorial spaces that at first glance seem obvious, but whose complexity is revealed by degrees as the spectator comes into contact with their materiality. I focus on two fundamental aspects of painting: the luminosity of colour (values or tones) and the work’s materiality, in order to explore the possibilities of the painting as a perceptual device. Recently I have been studying the importance of light in my work, the question that interests me more specifically being what light allows us to see. Traditionally, light in painting has been of capital importance in terms of the representation of the space. The painter uses light to render the volume of objects and to create a plausible space.

Chiaroscuro is a good example of that age-old concern, and is a feature of my recent work. That pursuit is also apparent in a project that integrates painting and architecture, Dévoilement de l’entre-deux. It will be installed in late July 2016 and will be displayed on three imposing walls at the new home of Agora de la danse at the Place des Festivals (Espace Danse)


September 16 to November 13


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