A rising star on the Quebec contemporary dance scene, Marie Béland is renowned for the sweet madness of her imagination and her ironic, eccentric approach that plunges the audience into skillfully orchestrated games of perception. The title refers not only to the three light waves perceived by the eye and the three colour signals of the cathode-ray screen, but also to three different lighting plans for a given performance and three possible interpretations of a single work. The choreographer mingles disciplines as she combines video, humour, ingenious strokes of inspiration, repurposed objects and the musicality of languages. Under cover of a seeming lightness, Marie Béland and her three dancer accomplices question with intelligence how words and images influence our bodies and leave a lasting trace.
BLEU-VERT-ROUGE maribé - sors de ce corps

maribé - sors de ce corps

January 23-24-25 / 8 p.m. and January / 4 p.m.


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