Courageously breaking the shell, delicately scratching the surface to reveal the treasures of the soul and the gems of the being, such is unclassifiable contemporary dance company MANDALA SITÙ’s carte blanche to five choreographers: Louis-Martin Charest, Pierre Lecours, Normand Marcy, Brice Noeser and David Rancourt. Five masculine choreographic signatures meet five female performers and examine femininity and the search for identity in very distinctive ways. The movements, at once brutal and sensual, at times poetic and tormented, invite the audience members to enter the intimacy of the performers. On a stripped down set surrounded by original piano compositions played live by singer-songwriter Gaële, this piece is without artifice and filled with authenticity, humility and femininity.

January 18-19-20 at 8 PM and January 21 at 4 PM


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