Marie Béland will be presenting two works that place dance BEHIND or BETWEEN, as a challenge to the spectator. How is dance revealed to each one of us? Initially invisible, the choreography ends up exposing more than it conceals.

In BETWEEN, the choreographer is interested in verbosity as body movement.  Chatter becomes a support for the choreographic vocabulary of our automatic gestures. In BEHIND: une danse dont vous êtes le héros – previously presented at Tangente in 2010 – another constraint is imposed. A screen separates the dancers from the audience, who perceive sounds and sees flashes of movement. It is up to spectators to guess what is taking place, to imagine their own choreography.

Montréal Danse, Maribé - sors de ce corps

February 17, 18, 19 - 8 p.m.


BEHIND : une danse dont vous êtes le héros : Production maribé – sors de ce corps

BETWEEN: Jointly produced by maribé – sors de ce corps & Montréal Danse

Montréal en lumière

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