Downstage, two men of a certain age move forward – the outstanding dancer and choreographer Paul-André Fortier and the violinist and brilliant improviser Malcolm Goldstein. Is it a solo? A duo? In a to-and-fro of bow-stokes and dance movements, they embark on a call and response, at first cautiously and then with definite temerity in a blur of hypnotic notes and febrile movement. This is the vertigo of two artists walking on the tightrope of creation. Side by side, each takes the measure of the other at a glance, acknowledging the other with a smile as they create a powerful resonance. Their melancholy is palpable, yet they never let sadness get the upper hand as they inject into the sweet nostalgia that imbues this piece a childlike complicity. In these two bodies laden with experience, and underneath the wrinkles lining their mischievous eyes, lies an undisguised joie de vivre, a delightful serenity.


Fortier Danse-Création

November 14-15-16 at 8 p.m.


Coproduced by Agora de la danse (Montreal), Dance Canada Festival (Ottawa), Théâtre du Bic (Gaspésie) and Dancing on the Edge Festival (Vancouver).

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