UQAM / Student choreographic production


UQAM / Student choreographic production

Through its basic and ongoing training programs, the Dance Department at UQAM introduces students to the myriad avenues of contemporary dance. With a Bachelor’s degree, a certificate, a post-graduate diploma, a Master’s or a Ph.D. from UQAM, students embark on careers as dancers, choreographers or teachers. For dance artists, personalized training offers the opportunity to enrich their dance skills and knowledge and to upgrade their technique. Significant experiences in the Dance Department training program, the short performances in the B.A. program allow students to explore and surpass their limits and to mature as artists. Whether by creating and producing their own dance performances, or performing a piece specially designed for them or a work taken from the repertoire of a professional dance company, students are called on to give their very best. These performances are a showcase that introduces audiences to talented young artists, the next generation of dancers and choreographers.

For this production the Dance Department has invited choreographer Sylvain Émard to revisit excerpts from his repertoire. Renowned for a style of movement that is fluid, energetic and sensual, Sylvain Émard explores the territory of human nature through the power of the body. A prolific artist, he has created more than two dozen original works over the past 25 years, with his choreography presented both here and abroad.

December 12-13-14-15 at 8 p.m.



Presented by UQÀM’s Dance Department.

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