Trois paysages


Trois paysages

Karine Ledoyen pursues a creative cycle whose initial impetus was air, an incorporal element that the Quebec City choreographer managed to render visible, resonant and tangible. Accompanied by four dancers who interact with an incredible wind machine imagined by the composer Patrick Saint-Denis, the spectator journeys into the heart of three tableaux, three possibilities and three landscapes as the choreographer audaciously inverts conventional points of reference, plays with the senses, takes risks. In a parallel narrative artfully woven into the invisible, one question influences the outcome of each performance. What would happen if one of us had to relinquish something for the good of the community?

Danse K par K

February 13-14-15 / 8 p.m.



An Agora de la danse and Tangente co-presentation

Tangente - Laboratoire de mouvements contemporains
La Rotonde, centre chorégraphique contemporain de Québec coproduction

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