Trois décennies d’amour cerné


Trois décennies d’amour cerné
The 1980s was a decade marked by numerous upheavals and in terms of the body, one of the most significant was the arrival of AIDS. With this sexually transmitted and deadly disease, fear infiltrated bodies and minds. An entire generation awoke to a monumental hangover, forced to face the inevitable, for now the free love of the preceding decades was over. The body was torn between its desires, its natural sensuality and the game of seduction, and the potential danger that the Other might now represent. Thirty years later, Eros and Thanatos come together in a macabre ballet and continue to put a damper on sexual mores and passion. In four segments and with five dancers, Thomas Lebrun, an important figure in contemporary dance in France, dissects with incisive emotion the impact of HIV, which has violently and suddenly curbed our enthusiasm and restrained our fervour. Risk is on the prowl, implacable and dangerous. Love is suspect, tethered and fenced in. TROIS DÉCENNIES D’AMOUR CERNÉ DE RISQUES solo for Anthony Cazaux DE PEUR duo for Anne-Emmanuelle Deroo and Raphaël Cottin DE DOUTE solo for Anne-Sophie Lancelin DE SOLITUDE solo by Thomas Lebrun



Produced by the Centre chorégraphique national de Tours (artistic director Thomas Lebrun). Co-produced by Le Vivat, scène conventionnée d’Armentières. The Centre chorégraphique national de Tours receives support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication – DGCA - DRAC Centre, the city of Tours, the Conseil Régional du Centre and the Conseil Général d’Indre-et-Loire. This performance is presented under the auspices of FRIMAS 2014, launched by the Consulate General of France in Quebec City and the Institut français, and as such receives support from the Institut français and the Région Centre. FRIMAS 2014Région Centre logo

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