Emmanuelle Martin © Marilene Oliver


Isabelle Van Grimde



In a world where technological hybridization seems inevitable, Isabelle Van Grimde explores our visceral connection with nature.

Set in a spellbinding organic universe, Transes transports us to a post-technological future where nature has been all but destroyed. In a ritual supported by Thom Gossage’s live music, a woman uses breath and gesture to attempt to reconnect with the most ancestral aspects of her body, which still bears the traces of its colonization by machines.

Isabelle Van Grimde

Van Grimde Corps Secrets

April 24-25-26 2024 – 7 PM

April 27 2024 – 4 PM

50 minutes

29$ | 35$

Meet the artists, April 25 after the performance

New formula! KOROS: Enhance your experience of live performance through virtual reality! Available at the Café-Bar, before or after the April 24 performance. More information.

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