Tournoi Nocturne


Tournoi Nocturne

For this latest edition of the Nuit Blanche, the doors of Agora de la danse will be wide open to festivalgoers for a nocturnal improvised dance tournament. From 10pm to 3am, the five teams of the Imprudanses league will compete, creating ad-libed short pieces, following the guidelines of the referee and the musical world of the band Flavie. As VJ Homming and DJ Nans provide the music and visuals, the two musicians from Flavie and the players from Imprudanses promise a refreshing and wild evening. Seated around the stage, the audience members are invited to vote for their preferred improvisations, ultimately deciding who will be the winning team. On the program is a succession of four matches, with 15-minute breaks between each. If you are passionate about dance, improvisation or electronic music where voice, guitar and beatboxing mix, this is a unique chance to witness a highly creative competition!

February 25 from 10 PM to 3 AM



Montréal en lumière 2012Nuit Blanche à Montréal 2012

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