This Duet That We’ve Already Done (so many times)


This Duet That We’ve Already Done (so many times)
A choreographer, musician, dancer and jack of all trades who is both inspiring and unclassifiable, Frédérick Gravel presents a duet that initially looks somewhat like a realistic painting. With the invigorating Brianna Lombardo he shares both the stage and a complicity that allows for all sorts of inventions, and she becomes the counterpoint to his assumed awkwardness. Freed from the traditional codes of dance performance, they construct an original dramatic language where little accidents are transformed into arguments for movement. Under an apparently simple, laid back allure, the duo gradually evolves between states of being, with a stage presence that is disturbingly natural, turning the banal into poetry. A rare and precious moment that never ceases to surprise and to destabilize with its ostensible casualness, this new work is alive with humanity and vulnerability.



Co-produced by Agora de la danse

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