Soupe du jour


Soupe du jour

How can one describe Fila 13’s latest creation? You can say, without hesitation, that it is a universe escaped from an unbridled imagination, as it is often the case with Lina Cruz’s choreographic works. Soupe du jour proposes stunning sensitive tableaus, rich with images. We once again recognize Lina Cruz’s very singular choreographic signature, a signature that is always, one way or another, at the edge of the moment’s trends. Why? Because Lina Cruz never censors herself aesthetically. Every detail serves to create a fanciful world. Subtly portrayed by 6 dancers and 1 musician, extravagant, mischievous, Baroque and tragic characters entertain strange and funny rapports. The result is an enduring and captivating performance!

Productions Fila 13

November 3-4-5 / 8 PM + November 6 / 8 PM


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