S’envoler, Estelle Clareton’s latest creation is an invitation into a metaphorical universe, at mid-point between the worlds of humans and birds. For the occasion, the stage will be transformed into a flight deck where 12 performers humorously and frantically prepare to migrate. Packed together, they train and desperately search the coordination and harmony of movement necessary to their first fluttering. Alone or in group, they try to overcome this new challenge, to confront the fear of the unknown and the real and not-so-real dangers. With subtlety, they tell us of the courage and strength that are needed when facing change and transformation. The dancers, actors and acrobats use their talents to draw the public in an extraordinary world of sensations, where flying seems possible. Estelle Clareton brings us a daring production, startlingly intelligent and passionate, with a little something special that will elevate and transport us…

Création Caféine



Co-produced by the Agora de la danse and Montréal. Création Caféine benifithed of residencies at Théâtre de la Ville à Longueuil, Théâtre du Bic et la Salle Pauline-Julien à Ste Geneviève.

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