Piège-Variation 2


Piège-Variation 2

Piège Variation 2 presents a body of recent work by the painter Julie Ouellet that consists of an accumulation of meandering tracks forming floating, organic masses. These labyrinthine pieces capture the eye with an astonishing economy of means. A line punctuated by numerous circumventions, detours and branches succeeds in monopolizing the viewer’s attention. Caught in a game of her own making, the artist obsessively weaves together by means of graphite, ink, oil and wax, an impressive network of knots, entanglements and dead ends. The line calls out to the viewer, inviting his gaze to wander, to follow an uncertain trajectory and to lose his way in the maze.


September 12 to October 4


Special thanks to Mona Hakim for her invaluable contribution.

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