Deborah Dunn‘s latest creation is an audacious invitation to revisit the world of Virginia Woolf‘s novel Orlando. In this brilliant group piece, the fascinating androgynous character Orlando is at the center of the six dancer’s performances. In the frantic pursuit of his dream of becoming a poet, the character travels through the eras, transforming himself. For Deborah Dunn, the novel becomes a pretext to sweep along five centuries, combining sensual music and satirical humour with lavish costumes. By way of an ingenious mix of genres and eras in which she displays her acute sense of mise-en-scène, the choreographer evokes a notion of the infinite, the difficulty of creating and finding true love. Somewhere between biography and fantasy tale, Orlando is an odyssey of mad poetry.


March 14-15-16 at 8 PM and March 17 at 4 PM



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