Liklik Pik


Liklik Pik

Liklik Pik, which in the pidgin of Papua New Guinea (tok pisin) means “little pig”, is an intimate male duet performed by the dancer Dany Desjardins and the choreographer George Stamos, who loves to defy conventions. With his portrayals of taboo subjects, his embrace of kitsch and his scathing yet winning irony, he once again evokes animal imagery. The sudden distancing behind this role play presents humans in a different light and tilts toward false mockery, allowing for a free and loose approach to the material. Playfully evoking the pig as a totem animal – the little piggy of fairy tales and its alter ego, the dirty, nasty swine – the performers constantly play with these multiple facets, combining references to pets, lounge lizards and gay “pig boy” culture. Presented at OFFTA 2012, Liklik Pik favours a fast collage of situations and absurdist humour. Audacious, deceptively light and ultimately unclassifiable.

The process of making Liklik Pik began as an investigation into creating a male version of Stamos’ 2010 duo Cloak.

George Stamos is one of the artists in residence at Agora de la danse.

October 2, 3 and 4 at 8 p.m.



Co-produced by Agora de la danse.

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