Les mêmes yeux que toi


Les mêmes yeux que toi

The radiant dancer Anne Plamondon embarks on a bold solo, her first, on the theme of mental illness. In collaboration with the actress, writer and director Marie Brassard, she superimposes realities, presenting an almost panoramic vision of the subject matter. She is at times a lost man, his personality torn asunder, roiling with abnormal behaviours, spells of delirium and incoherent demeanour; at other times a foundering woman in a state of collapse for whom the line between insanity and “normality” is an ever-shifting maze. She is also the fleeting memory of a mentally ill person prior to the plunge into madness. With touching fragility she explores these grey zones, these states that haunt us and make us suffer, and the attendant lack of understanding from others. Here the body is too small to contain thoughts that know no bounds. She invites us, body and mind, into a poetic dance theatre performance to take a look at these disturbing mental states with the same eyes as you (Les mêmes yeux que toi).


November 7-8-9 at 8 p.m. + Saturday November 10 at 4 p.m.


Les mêmes yeux que toi is co-produced by Agora de la danse and The National Art Centre (Ottawa).

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