Le vide sur le vif | © Lucie Bazzo

Le vide sur le vif

Lucie Bazzo


Le vide sur le vif

Exhibit of black-and-white photos by Lucie Bazzo in the Café-Bar at Agora de la danse. During dance performances by Jacques Poulin-Denis and Catherine Gaudet.

The pandemic and the resultant confinement turned our lives upside down and disrupted life in the city. During this very rare situation, Montreal slowed down, leaving streets, avenues and iconic public spaces, usually vibrant with activity and effervescence, empty of life. Lucie Bazzo created a portfolio of snapshots and scenes taken on her cell phone during solitary walks along deserted streets. A privileged witness to this sudden solitude, she captured its lighting and architectural lines. There is something surreal about photographing the city while standing safely in the middle of the street, as disconcerting as the deserted shops, bars and restaurants. Between the strange, incredible force emanating from this absence of life and a readily imaged distress conveyed by these photos, Lucie Bazzo aims to share snapshots of small moments captured during exceptional times.
Exhibition with text commentary by the writer Lise Vaillancourt.



Lucie Bazzo

October 13 – 17, 2020

November 3 – 7, 2020

During performance nights


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