Jusqu’au silence


Jusqu’au silence

A brilliant dancer for the past twenty years, Sophie Corriveau rises to the challenge of creating a first choreographic piece, embarking on this adventure with the solo Jusqu’au silence. In pushing her artistic boundaries, the dancer becomes the speaker. She revisits her life, drawing upon images of her childhood that were carefully chronicled by her mother in extraordinary family journals, and also telling the story of her own body, patiently fashioned through the years by different choreographic influences. Fragile and sensitive dancing emerges, vacillating between autobiography and fiction. Another dimension appears in the form of animated films directed by visual artist Thomas Corriveau, Sophie’s brother, who uses forever-multiplying virtual images of her. In a German romantic-inspired musical world offered by composer, musician and arranger Michel F. Côté, Sophie Corriveau delivers with Jusqu’au silence a very personal vision of dance and life. An essential adventure awaits us.

Danse-Cité / Traces-Interprètes

October 12-13-14 at 8 PM / October 15 at 4 PM


An Agora de la danse and Danse-Cité co-presentation
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