In Between


In Between

With In Between, Lucie Grégoire continues her collaboration with Yoshito Ohno and brings to a close the trilogy begun with Eye and later Flower. Inspired by François Cheng’s poem of the same name, In Between navigates through the intangible areas of human relationships and attempts to render perceptible the impalpable. The two soloists unite in an exceptionally precise and sensitive duo. The magic surfaces in the mutual resonance of their worlds, in the dialogue between their gliding bodies, in the games of masculine and feminine identity and in the encounter between the Eastern and Western worlds. With consummate mastery, Lucie Grégoire and Yoshito Ohno draw from their deepest inner selves in order to surrender to the challenge of a performance pulsating with eloquence, clarity and truth. Fascinating and profoundly touching.

Lucie Grégoire Danse

November 16-17-18 at 8 PM / November 19 at 4 PM


Co-produced by Agora de la danse

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