Family Dinner: The Lexicon


Family Dinner: The Lexicon
After Family Dinner, the end result is a choreography (The Lexicon) of small, unconscious gestures that are communicated during the course of this very social ritual.
During performances of Family Dinner, the dancers' bodies record the physical exchanges and gestures characteristic of each participant. Those gestures are then distilled and rearranged in The Lexicon, presenting a living catalogue, an archive of shared body language.
Choreography Justine A. Chambers Created in collaboration with Alison Denham, Kate Franklin, Lisa Gelley, Aryo Khakpour, Josh Martin, Billy Marchenski Performers: Claudia Fancello, Marie Claire Forté, Alanna Kraaijeveld, Adam Kinner, Jean-Benoit Labrecque-Gilbert, Katie Ward Sound design Nancy Tam Lighting James Proudfoot

40 minutes


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