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Jérémie Niel



FINALLY ! Critically acclaimed in 2021 in front of an ultra-small audience, here’s your chance to catch Face-à-face !

Face-à-face is a concerto for eight hands, a rambling about the quest for beauty and the absolute, about the mysteries of stage creation shared by dance and theatre. Jérémie Niel, Catherine Gaudet, Louise Bédard, Félix-Antoine Boutin, mirror each other; two choreographers and two directors who have mastered the art of probing the strings and fissures of each of their disciplines. A few steps on the stage, the choreography of languages, sounds and breaths; from words to abstractions, the two performers, Louise Bédard and Félix-Antoine Boutin, squat in the space, contaminating each other, seeking each other out with irony, and finding a direction all at once. The magic and fragility of each are all the more revealed when we are propelled, jostled into the other’s posture and world. And yet not that far away.

Jérémie Niel


January 31 2024 – 7 PM

February 1 + 2 2024 – 7 PM

February 3 2024 – 4 PM

85 minutes

29$ | 35$

Meet the Artists, February 1 after the performance

New formula! KOROS: Enhance your experience of live performance through virtual reality! Available at the Café-Bar, before or after the January 31 performance. More information.

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