Kyra Jean Green / Conte de faits / Dominique Porte / Système D / © Damian Siqueiros

Conte de faits

Dominique Porte


Conte de faits

Short danced tales inspired by the boundless charm of the poetry of Jacques Prévert and the drawings of René Magritte, sparking the imagination in a delightful fusion of words, sounds, images and movement.

Inspired by the fantasy worlds of Jacques Prévert, Dominique Porte has created a piece for young audiences. Three dancers and a musician mischievously explore the era of surrealism. Like the surrealist artists who played with perception so as to set reality askew, the choreographer opens up to a new imaginary realm, revelling in a poetic universe that is alive with truth, simplicity and humour. For children aged 7 to 99!


Dominique Porte

Système D

May 12 2017 - 7 p.m.

May 13 - 2017 - 4 p.m.

50 minutes

$18 or 4 ticket package for $60

Produced by Système D
Co-produced by Agora de la danse, Centennial Theatre (Sherbrooke, Qc)
Creative residencies at Maison de la culture Parc-Extension, Maison de la culture Plateau-Mont-Royal

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