Cocons somatiques


Cocons somatiques
En encounter between dance and paper, where luminous forms become new territories, haunting sculptures that breathe.
Cocons somatiques is imbued with a sub-aquatic metaphor, with bodies cohabiting the stage space with cocoons, strange organic sculptures that bewitch and transform them, aided by visual and poetic intrigues created by the visual artist Manon De Pauw, and brought to life in danced metamorphoses by Pierre-Marc Ouellette. From this transformation emerge silhouettes and identities, sired by strangeness and mystery.
Choreography Pierre-Marc Ouellette Visual artist Manon De Pauw Performers Manon De Pauw, Gabrielle Desgagnés, Pierre-Marc Ouellette Rehearsal director Karina Champoux Set design Manon De Pauw Lighting Nancy Bussières Sound and sound processing Patrice Coulombe Technological development Patrice Coulombe Intern Laurence Dufour Technical assistant Sara A. Tremblay Music Alexander MacSween

50 minutes

$22 ­­> $35

Creative residencies at Agora de la danse, Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique, LAB2M (Les Deux Mondes Compagnie de théâtre), Recto-Verso. Special mention: Mentorship program, Danièle Desnoyers / Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique

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