Chœur et chorégraphes


Chœur et chorégraphes

Presented with Danse-Cité, the series Chœur et chorégraphes was initiated by André Pappathomas, pursuing since 1995 a process of research that is interested in the fusion of body and voice. For this 8th edition, he has enlisted the artists Louise Bédard, Marc Béland, Frédérick Gravel, les Sœurs Schmutt, Daniel Soulières and Catherine Tardif. These choreographers/dancers are invited to create short pieces that explore in multiple ways the stage presence of the singers, indeed the entire choir as a whole. As a counterpoint, stock vocal scores are given to the vocalists, intertwining with new vocal pieces and choreographies, all within a tightly framed dramatic and emotional structure. Short scenes are created and wink at one another, connecting the different segments through image, movement and voice, so as to attain a harmonious whole and rhythmic continuum. The fruit of tight interaction between the singers and dancers, this show stands as a powerful expression of the music and melodies of the body.

DANSE-CITÉ - Traces-Hors Sentiers

May 4-5-6 7 PM + May 7 4 PM


an Agora de la danse and Danse-Cité co-presentation

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