Bras de plomb


Bras de plomb

The solo piece Bras de plomb originated from an inspired encounter between dancer/choreographer Paul-André Fortier and visual artist Betty Goodwin. From these two artists’ obsession for the human body emerged this fascinating work, a profound meditation on the human condition. She conceived the visual environment, notably the “lead arms” (bras de plomb in french), overgrown extensions at once a piece of art and a constraint. He created a subtle and complex choreography. The arms, at first free and fluid, gradually become imprisoned and movement then shifts to the legs. The dance proceeds in a plodding manner, contrasting with the lead casing, opening the door to a beautiful and unique experience.

Paul-André Fortier has chosen to hand over this work from his repertoire to dancer Simon Courchel, who will perform with the technical maturity, stamina and charisma this outstanding piece requires. It is a significant step for Paul-André Fortier to witness his work become emancipated from him, its creator, and taking on its own life.

Fortier Danse-Création

October 26-27-28 at 8 PM / October 29 at 4 PM


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