Bouge Anyway


Bouge Anyway

Bouge Anyway is a “battle” featuring contemporary dance and urban dance. A visually captivating hybrid of genres, this tournament will welcome over thirty teams to compete in two-dancer duels where improvisation reigns supreme. Short dance battles will follow one after the other, with participants striving to outdo each other in terms of talent, grace and skill. A friendly confrontation where the best of both worlds come together, it is an exceptional opportunity to view a demonstration of unique know-how and eloquent movement. The enthusiasm of the participants will be sustained by a master of ceremonies well-versed in warming up a crowd, accompanied by DJ Nans, whose talents will also contribute to making this an exciting event. Participants will be evaluated by a no-nonsense jury assigned the difficult task of determining the winners, for at the end of the bouts only one team will remain standing and take home the $300 prize. Dancers will be judged particularly for their boldness and their mastery of technique, plus their ability to take over the space and to win over an audience with an original presentation. With a DJ, teams of dancers, a host and a top-notch jury, everything is in place for a memorable evening. May the best dancers win!

Showcase : H2O Let Your Art Flow
Battle guest : Caldeira (Soulrebels) et Shawn (Moonrunners) Toronto

Contemporary and urban dance

March 1st - 9 p.m. - Midnight


Nuit blanche à Montréal à l'Agora de la danse

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